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Having a beautiful and a shapely pair of cleavage is a boon for every woman. But when these breasts get enlarged beyond the normal size, they can cause lots of problems such as backache, shoulder pain, infection under the breasts and embarrassment. Thankfully, due to the onset of breast reduction surgery, women can get rid of such problems and live a painless and worry-free to read ศัลยกรรม เกาหลี ราคา

What is breast reduction surgery?

Lately, Mammoplasty has become quite popular as it effectively reduces the size of the breasts permanently. Moreover, if you have sagging breasts that have lost their shape due to age or breast feeding with the help of breast reduction surgery you can lift their saggy look and get a bouncy and younger looking breasts. During the process of breast reduction, excess fats from the breast skin and the tissue are removed so that the breasts look firm, young and shapely. Earlier these treatments were available only in Western countries, but today, you can get this treatment done comfortably in your own country.

What is the procedure of breast reduction surgery?

The patient is given general anesthesia prior to the operation. The whole breast reduction surgery in Ahmedabad takes around three to four hours but it mostly depends upon the breast reduction volume. Before the operation is to take place, the surgeon marks the part from where the fat has to be removed so that a definite shape and the amount of reduction is pre-decided prior to operation. While doing the pre operative marking, the patient has to stand in erect position and after various measurements final marking is done.

It is important that after the fat has been removed from the skin and the tissue, the areola and the nipple is moved according to the new shape of the breasts. The scars of the surgery are usually in a circle near the areola and also the lower side of the breast pole which over the years fades considerably. Within a few weeks the inflammation caused by the scars also gets reduced.

Care after breast reduction surgery

After the surgery, the patients are advised to take ample rest and not to lift heavy items. The women are advised to wear special bras that hold the newly operated breasts softly yet tightly enough. In some cases, the patients may suffer from infection at the site of sutures that are treated with antibiotic tablets and creams. In the first few weeks, the patient should take light meal which is rich in calcium and proteins so that the weakness caused due to surgery is recovered and also that the breast heals up quickly. Breast reduction surgery in Ahmadabad is completely safe and is also conducted on men who are suffering from enlarged breasts (gynecomastia) through process known as mammoplasty.