Boost Google Ranking of Your Website

It is known quite well that in order to boost Google ranking a responsive website design always comes handy, the increase of traffic through mobiles means that more and more users are vying for pages that are optimized for WebPages and in response to this.

Top 8 tips for better Google rankings by using a responsive website design:-
Google has started to boost the rankings of sites that are optimized for their device, effectively penalizing the sites that are not responsive, so to boost Google rankings, a responsive website design is a MUST.
Google’s algorithms work on the principle that since a website is, let’s say not optimized for Mobile; Therefore the data within is irrelevant and this is the part where problems begin for non-responsive sites. Get the facts about  improve google ranking
Although many Adverts are not fluid, they can be incorporated into the site with some effort, however non-fluid advertisements and banners remain a challenge for SEO designers and incorporating them into a responsive website design is a challenge worth the effort.

The bounce rates are also prevalent in sites that are not responsive, as Google marks a website as not relevant if the user leaves the site soon, of which there is a high possibility due to non-optimization of the site.
While a different website version may get penalized in the 2014 panda’s update to Google, responsive website design solves the problem easily since data is placed on a single website.

Creating a responsive website design is hard since the HTML and URL codes are different for the mobile versions and desktop versions. However SEO service providers can help to overcome this hurdle so it is advisable to allocate sufficient resources in the effort to make the site responsive.

To Boost Google ranking a rich user experience is important and making a responsive website design helps to keep users and make them surf more in the site, therefore improving site rankings.
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